'Tis the Season: 3,000 Preschool Curriculum Kits Donated to Africa

In partnership with the Nhaka Foundation, Experience Early Learning - publishers of early learning resources including the Mother Goose Time preschool currriculum - is pleased to donate 3,000 Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum kits to children in the African country of Zimbabwe.

Creative Methods to Link Literacy with Art [2 New Activity Ideas]



Building literacy and a life-long love for reading in young children is actually an artistic process. Creative methods that capture the imagination and curiosity of children help them process the symbolic and abstract concepts related to learning to read.

Multi-Age Teaching Techniques

How many times have you seen a child work on an art project and, in the middle of it, angrily crumple up the paper and toss it to the side? 

3 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Routine

With the holidays around the corner, daily routines often go out the window!  But, those same daily routines help provide the structure and predictability - both essential to emotional, cognitive and social development. 

STEAM: Science Nature Soup

Discover the benefits of enhanced education when science, technology, engineering, art and math are combined in STEAM activities. Try this activity with your preschoolers to see STEAM in action!

Displays Aren't Just for Walls

Be creative with how you use your posters and displays from Mother Goose Time! Here is a video to get your creative juices flowing:

Creative Thinking: Helping Preschoolers Become Authors

Encourage children to see themselves as authors while building emergent writing and communication skills through concepts of print.

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